May Bank Holiday Weekend!

I must say, that this May Bank Holiday weekend had been the bet yet of 2012!

The weather managed to actually hold off for a while to enjoy the great outdoors.

A spa break and family weekend in The New Forest is what we did! Hubby organised it all 😀 and the girls enjoyed every minute.


Despite the unexpected downpours we managed to do a spot of cycling around the forest and got a load of lovely photos.


This is one of the lovely snaps I took of a horse. I have many more on my Instagram page feel free to browse my pics @ kerrywatton

Ahh don’t you just love lazy weekends 🙂 what did you all get up to this bank holiday?


Seed Planting.

I finally got round to planting the seeds from the Innocent Smoothie cartons last week with my girls. I was unbelievably surprised as to how much they enjoyed it. My eldest Daughter sat there for 2 hours putting in the soil and pressing the seeds out then watering them. I must admit this is a great gift that comes free.

Here is what we used, all set and ready to plant.
"Planting the seeds"

And here are our finished products 🙂 although since writing this post and uploading these photos I have naughtily bought some more smoothies to get some different seeds :O

The cress ones (Pictured centre) were bought separately. Who knows when these will grow? I’m excited to see how well they grow…


Ready seeds, on your marks, get set….GROW!

Welcome to our world..!*

So here it first blog..ever! 🙂 Yayy!! Go me! Who would ever thought I would have made it this far. Life has been one hell of a ride.Some could say I have had 9 lives.I’ve been through alot. I am now healthy living with two gorgeous daughters and a lovely Husband. Life couldn’t be any better. I’d say my life is always stuck on fast forward. Everything goes so quickly, I’m one who never stops. Now I am here I am addicted to this blogging.  I look forward to stumbling across the wonderful blogs that are posted.

This is me…

and this is my blog. Put the kettle on 🙂

Welcome to my world..Happy reading all.